Smoked foods are not just for BBQ restaurants. Purchasing a quality smoker for use at home is one of the best ways to enjoy tasty food. Choosing from the best smokers of 2016 will leave an owner with the information they need to make an informed purchase of a quality smoker. Smoking food is a great choice to flavor, cook and preserve food through the use of a smoker. Meat and fish are commonly smoked for storage, freezing or for a delicious meal. Cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients can make beverages such as whiskey or beer through the use of a smoker.

Electric smokers are some of the easiest ones to use in a back yard. The wattage and the weight of the unit should always be considered when purchasing a smoker. The amount of usage should determine the number of racks to choose from. If someone prefers to smoke larger pieces of meat, two racks may be all they need in a smoker. The best smokers should be easy to use, cook, and clean. Using a smoker can tenderize and flavor meat through an indirect heat source at very low temperatures. A purchaser should determine what type of cooking power they prefer to use.

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A heating element will heat the flavored wood chips after the temperature is set. An electric smoker allows a user to control the temperature with very little supervision while the smoker is cooking the food. An electric smoker user never has to worry about the unit running out of power to smoke the food. Replacing parts on an electric smoker can be difficult if they fail. A benefit of a propane smoker is they can be portable. This type of smoker can be used for tailgating or camping. Taking an additional propane bottle to a location without electricity means a user never has to worry about electric wherever they are. One large benefit of a propane smoker is if they break, the parts are very easy to find at a local hardware store.


Charcoal smokers offer a unique flavor to food, but the temperature is very hard to maintain and a user must constantly monitor the smoker. Charcoal and wood smokers are used by experienced individuals. If you’re determining what type of unit you should purchase for use, it is recommended that you review the 2016 top rated smokers before making a purchase. These reviews will offer the pros and cons of the variety of smokers on the market.

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